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Cyber Security Assessment

Our cybersecurity assessment analyses your organization’s cybersecurity controls and your business’s ability to remediate vulnerabilities especially as you scale your business online. This assessment is conducted within the context of your organization’s business objectives, rather than in the form of a checklist as you would for a cybersecurity audit. This allows you to gain a high-level analysis of your cyber security weaknesses so our security teams can begin implementing security controls to mitigate them via a proof of concept implementation.

We utilise a state of the art Application Layer Protection platform that offer real-time monitoring of all sensitive data movements within your enterprise applications. Our advanced techniques include User Behavior Analytics and machine learning algorithms, enabling prompt detection of anomalies and immediate response actions such as blocking and dynamically masking sensitive data flows. Importantly, these measures are implemented seamlessly without any disruption to your networks, applications, or databases.

This is a 3 week engagement with the following deliverable;
- An executive summary report of the cyber security findings based on a good assessment of current state of your cyber environment that includes; risk assessment, maturity of controls, creation of a roadmap to uplift cyber capability.

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